Posted by: marthabernie | November 15, 2014

DALKEY ISLAND, County Dublin, Ireland

Dalkey Ireland, Martello Tower, St. Begnets, Dalkey, Sorrento TerraceWhen you travel around Ireland with the hope of taking good photos, you are always held hostage by the weather.  And you can’t predict what it will be like–ever.  I have experienced some of the best weather in April and November, and have also spent two or three weeks there in June and July when the weather was like this nearly every day.  Here is a photo of Dalkey Island, Dalkey, County Dublin, taken in June 2006.  You can see the ruins of St. Begnet’s church on the left and the Martello Tower on the right.  Below is another view.  These were taken in the park that is adjacent to Sorrento Terrace on Coliemore Road.

Dalkey Ireland, Dalkey, Sorrento Terrace, Martello Tower


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  2. Your post is very apt as we have just had a horrendous two days of rainfall and everywhere is flooding.


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