Posted by: marthabernie | November 15, 2014

McMENUS COUSINS – Phillipsburg, MO circa 1912 -1914

Phillipsburg, Missouri, Laclede County MO, Loreta McMenus Chandler, Reba McMenus Harrill, missouri cousins, family history, old photosI’ve said this before, but one of the things I really LOVE about the Internet is that it has enabled me to have contact with people I never would have otherwise known about.  In 2000, we were able to break down the brick wall in family research due to an Internet research site.  Our Joseph McManus died from measles during the War of 1812, leaving a wife and four children.  His widow Anna Phillips McManus remarried a man named Taylor.  We had never known about son Joseph’s parents until someone researching Taylor found the records of Anna and her four children in the Taylor family Bible!  This brought us one more link closer to Lawrence McManus of North Carolina, and the research continues.  The spelling of the name appears to have changed from McManus to McMenus after about 1820 in Tennessee.

More recently, I posted to various Rootsweb lists, letting people know about this blog and the historical Missouri stuff I have been putting up.  The wife of a McMenus cousin saw the post and contacted me.  Subsequently, two more McMenus cousins have been in contact, and I’ve been pleased to make their aquaintance and exchange photos and information.  The above photo was sent to me by Kyle Richardson, whose grandmother, Reba McMenus (Harrill) is seated on the left next to her cousin, Loreta McMenus (Chandler).  From their ages in the photo, I would guess it was taken about 1912 – 1914.  Note the crescent moon backdrop!  Thanks, Kyle!

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