Posted by: marthabernie | November 17, 2014

FORKNER FARM, Conway, Missouri circa 1898-99

Forkner Farm Conway Missouri, photography, farmhouse, McMenusThis is the farm of Lon and Annie Forkner, Conway, Missouri, about 1898-99.  The little boy standing left behind the family dog is Raymond Irl Forkner (Little Ray), and behind him seated on the chair is his brother, Oscar.  Then sisters Ethyl and Ednah to the right, and Annie McMenus Forkner holding the umbrella in front of the horse and buggy.  Lon Forkner is standing on the right.  I know this photo was taken in 1898 or 1899 because Little Ray died in 1900 and was buried in the Graceland Cemetery in Conway.  Aunt Annie had his little photo enlarged from this photo and had it in her things, marked “the last photo of him”.

The farm was originally purchased by Lon’s great grandfather, Micajah Forkner, one of the first settlers of Webster/Laclede County.  There is a place called Forkner’s Hill which was actually moved at least once, and it now resides in Webster County.  However, at one time it was in Laclede County.  Something to do with Micajah being the postmaster, go figure.  He actually farmed near the original McMenus farm, which was south of Phillipsburg on the way to Conway.  Micajah purchased 80 acres from the U.S. government in two 40 acre parcels.  I have the deeds which describe the sale of forty acres of “Missouri swampland” for the price of forty dollars.

Sometime after their marriage in 1886, Lon and Annie bought the farm and lived there for twenty years, until they moved to Montana in 1906.  They rented it out for many years, then sold it around 1915, a few years before Annie divorced Lon.  I have those documents also.  Aunt Annie never threw anything away!

When the family moved to Montana in 1906, they changed the family name from Forkner to Faulkner, which was the original English name.  Lack of education and phonetic spelling often caused derivations of lots of names!


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