Posted by: marthabernie | November 19, 2014


Marlin, Webster County, MissouriMy father, Ray J. Marlin, was born November 6, 1912 near Conway, Missouri.  His father was Walter Elbert Marlin of Webster County, and his mother was Dulcena (Dulcie) Ferrier Marlin, formerly of Dallas County, Missouri.  This photo was taken in 1913 when he was about three months old.  There is only one small print of this photo, which was trimmed to put into a little oval frame, so I had a negative made and this is one of the prints.  I still have one of his little white dresses, which were still the fashion for babies at the time.  It is much longer than the one in this photo but has all the lace and was handmade by someone in the family when he was born.


  1. Beautiful photos and I love the family history.


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