Posted by: marthabernie | November 20, 2014


kilkenny, county kilkenny, irelandThis photo was taken in May, 2005 in the city of Kilkenny, Ireland.  It’s the dower house for Kilkenny Castle, Butler House.  I was there again in July this year and there is now a restaurant on the ground floor and the house is being used as a conference center.


  1. Such a beautiful photo of this lovely house. It’s called Butler House and I believe it’s a guesthouse.
    and a pic of the ivy in autumn here:


  2. This is the carriage house at the stable yards across the street from Kilkenny Castle. It is now part of Kilkenny arts Center and is open to the public. A great spot!


    • THanks! I knew it was somewhere near the castle, and I am familiar with the stable yards with all the shops etc. I just could not, for the life of me, remember exactly where it was when I came across the photo.


  3. From the comments I was able to confirm that I recognised this place. I stayed at Kilkenny for my birthday in December 1999 – at the back of the castle, if I remember correctly, possibly even in this building? My room had round walls and big windows, like this place but was a bit run down.


    • This building is across the street from the castle, through the shops and what used to be the carriage yard.


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