Posted by: marthabernie | November 21, 2014

SAGE SAUSAGE STUFFING (Dressing) – Reposted

A few people have asked me to write down how I make turkey stuffing (dressing).  I make it at least 3 or 4 times a year, and since I put a lot of stuff in it, it really can make a meal in itself.  I don’t measure, but below is an estimation of what I do.  This recipe evolved from my mother.  She never cooked with onion so I have made changes through the years.  She would also make one 8 x 8 pan of corn bread (no sugar added) from scratch and crumble it up with the bread.  This year I made corn bread from scratch and have mixed it with the white bread and the boxed stuffing mix proportionately.


Start with one large  loaf of white sandwich bread and three boxes/packages of cornbread stuffing mix.  Tear the white bread up and put it in a very large roaster pan (I use disposable) and let it dry out.  Be sure to include the crusts.  When it has dried out, add the cornbread stuffing mix and all seasonings.  Combine.

What are the celery stalks called before you pull them apart?  Can’t think of what to call it…a bunch?  But wash it and cut the whole thing into thin slices, including about a third of the leafy part.  Put into a large saute pan with some olive oil and cook until it starts to get tender.  Slice two very large onions and add to the celery, cook until the onions are translucent.  Remove with a slotted spoon to a bowl.  Break up two one pound packages of sage flavored bulk sausage and cook in the saute pan until no longer pink.  Add back in the onions and celery and combine.  At this point, season with one tablespoon sage or poultry seasoning, one teaspoon beau monde, salt, black and white peppers.  Mix thoroughly.

Pour the onion mixture onto the bread and combine.  This is the point at which you add low fat chicken or turkey stock.  It usually takes at least three or four cans, but mix it up with your hand (I use a plastic food glove) until all bread is moist but not soggy.  At this point, taste the stuffing and see what you think it needs.  I often add more sage or poultry seasoning and white and black pepper but it’s a matter of taste.

Put the stuffing into baking dishes and bake until the top is crispy (I don’t usually stuff a bird with dressing but you can do that if you prefer it).  I keep a piece of foil or baking dish lid on top until the stuffing is heated through (about 35 minutes), then I take the foil off and let it get crispy on top.

Since there are meat and vegetables in this stuffing, it can easily become a quick meal in itself it you really like stuffing!  I love the crunchy top part.  For leftovers, I sometimes mix whole fresh and/or dried cranberries with the stuffing and freeze.  Chopped pecans can also be added.  If you have not used too much stock, the dressing won’t be mushy after freezing.  I also layer leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce in freezer containers and when I reheat in oven or microwave, the cranberry sauce gets runny and melts through the stuffing.

Anyway…you can probably think up other variations on your own…but there it is!  I saw a “Stuffing Sandwich” on a cooking show the other day.  Stuffing between two slices of bread, grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich….interesting!

P.S.  Tried a Trader Joe’s brined young turkey recently and it was wonderful!


  1. Sounds beautiful 😄


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