Posted by: marthabernie | November 22, 2014

The Ten Daughters of George Preston McMenus

George Preston McMenus Daughters, Odessa WashingtonThese are the ten daughters of my Great Great Uncle, George Preston McMenus.  When my mother came across this photo in things belonging to her aunt, it was quite a mystery.  But as time went on, she found other photos and a letter or two which explained at least part of the mystery.  George Preston was married three times, losing his only baby son and two wives to death before marrying a third time.  As a widower, he had two small daughters and his third wife went on to produce eight more daughters.  No boys to carry on the name, though the first male grandchild was named George Preston.  This photo was taken at a family reunion in the early 1920’s.  The girls are not lined up by age.  The eldest two girls by the first two wives are second from the left and third from the right (wearing glasses).

Below is a photo of the eight daughters G.P. had with wife Elizabeth (Bette).

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