Posted by: marthabernie | November 25, 2014

SHERIFF SHANK – Laclede County, Missouri

Uncle Harvey Shank, Shank, William Harvey Shank, Laclede County SheriffThis is a photo of my great grandfather, William Harvey Shank, when he was sheriff of Laclede County, Missouri, taken about 1899-1900.  There is a story that goes with how I came to possess this photo, but I will save that for another day.  He was always known as Uncle Harvey Shank to the family, or Grandpa Shank to my mother and her siblings.  His son, Joseph Eli Shank, married my grandmother, Inez McMenus Shank in 1899 after Eli had worked as deputy sheriff for a year or two.  Eli and Inez met when my grandmother was only 16, but the elder Shank wanted the young couple to wait until she was 18 and son Eli was 21 before they wed.  Grandpa Shank went on to become President of the Farmers Bank in Phillipsburg in later years.  He married Lydia Margaret Massie and they had four sons, only two surviving infancy, my grandfather Joseph Eli, and my great uncle, John Edward Shank.

I think this was probably taken inside the old jail, where the sheriff had an office.  The building still stands today and is a museum run by the Laclede County Historical Society.


  1. Amazing family photo and history. I’m doing my husband’s and mine family trees and its so exciting what you find out. 😄


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