Posted by: marthabernie | November 25, 2014

KELLS PRIORY – Kells, County Kilkenny, Ireland

Kells prioryIn May, 2005, I wandered around County Kilkenny and County Cork for a couple of days.  Kells Priory is located near the town of Kells in Kilkenny and is owned and maintained by the Irish government.  It is an extensive property, and over the years more than 20,000 medieval artifacts have been excavated from the ruins of the monastery and abbey.  The day I was there was rather overcast, not a great surprise in Ireland, but there is something about the green rolling hills when the sun is obscured that I find attractive to photograph.  Add ruins to the mix, and you see the types of landscapes that turn up on scenic calendars.

The priory was closed to inspection so I only got to photograph the outside.  However, the property to the right of the church ran right down to the road, and as I was moving around, photographing this and that, a local out walking his dog stopped to talk to me.  He was part of a local committee who were attempting to get the government to preserve the part of the ruins we were standing next to as we spoke.    He pointed out a wall where the carved outline of a man could be seen on what was obviously a burial stone that had been set in the wall.  As we walked further down the road, he showed me bones and skulls that could actually be seen where the walls were crumbling away.  There was no barrier between the road and the ruins here, and the man told me that vandals often came to remove skulls, bones and whatever else they could find.

The photographs below show another view looking through the priory ruins, the carved effigy on the burial stone, and the portion of the wall where the skulls and bones were exposed, though I don’t think it was close enough to see them clearly in the photo.


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