Posted by: marthabernie | December 6, 2014

The JODE McMENUS HOME – Laclede County, Missouri

Jode McMenus, Christabel Roper McMenus, John RoperThis is a photo of the Joseph (Jode) McMenus home in Laclede County, Missouri.  That is John Roper on the left, then Jode, his two daughters (Lois and Ruby) and wife, Christabel Roper McMenus.  In later years they lived out near Rader, but I think this is an earlier home.  John Roper was Aunt Chris’ brother and was visiting (thus the carpetbag he is holding).  Aunt Chris’ full name was Louisa Christabelle Roper McMenus, but she was always known in the family as Aunt Chris.


  1. That looks like a really tall house, especially when compared to the people in front.


    • The interesting thing is that each house was different since each one was built as a one off. You can travel around these areas, looking at the old houses, and no two are the same.

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