Posted by: marthabernie | December 6, 2014

19th Century Irish VIllage

009x2On the way to Sligo in 2006, I stopped at a place which was the recreation of a 19th century farm and village.  Inside one of the buildings was this little group of shops and other businesses.

009x1As I walked around, looking into the store windows, I saw the various mannequins that were dressed in period costumes, and I also saw what I thought was a baby cradle.  However, on closer inspection, I realized it was some sort of crate or other type of carrying box which was flat on the bottom with carved handles in each end.  I thought it was nice that they had gone to the trouble of putting a wool blanket in it and a fake sleeping cat.  I nearly jumped a foot when the cat raised its head, looked at me, and then went back to sleep!



  1. That darn cat! (couldn’t resist!) I nearly picked up a baby rattlesnake once, thinking it a kid’s toy.


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