Posted by: marthabernie | December 7, 2014

GEORGE PRESTON McMENUS and Some of his Family

George Preston McMenus, Odessa WashingtonThis is a photo of my great great uncle, George Preston McMenus, and his wife Bette seated on left, and her mother seated on the right.  Three of his daughters are standing holding his first three grandchildren.  George Preston married Anna Booker in Phillipsburg, Missouri (Laclede County) and his wife presented him with a baby son, but the baby soon died.  The baby boy is buried in the Union Cemetery outside Phillipsburg with other McMenus family members. They had a daughter but his wife also died after they moved to Kansas.  He married a second time and had another daughter, but that wife also died.  He finally married Elizabeth Dunham Carr and they went on to produce eight more daughters.  They eventually moved to Odessa, Washington, where the above photo was taken outside their home.  When the first of the  girls got married, the first two grandchildren were also girls.  It was not until the third grandchild was born that they finally had a boy and he was name George Preston after his grandfather.  Baby George Preston is the baby being held by his mother on the far right.

Check the archive for a photo of the ten daughters, which I posted a couple of weeks ago.

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