Posted by: marthabernie | December 11, 2014

GABRIEL FORKNER son of pioneer Micajah Forkner

016x2This photo is another mystery, but based on its oral history, I believe it is my great great grandfather, Gabriel Forkner.  Gabriel’s father, Micajah Forkner, was one of the very first pioneers to come to Webster/Laclede Counties Missouri in the early 1840’s.  He bought 80 acres of “Missouri Swampland” from the State of Missouri for one dollar per acre and settled near Jones Creek, not too far from where my McMenus relatives settled.  Micajah was the first postmaster for the area and he had a store at Forkner’s Hill for many years.  The store moved a couple of times when county lines changed and Forkner’s Hill is now located near Conway, Missouri.

About this photo…there is an oral history that it hung in the store at Forkner’s Hill for many years and that when someone realized who it was, it had been tacked to the wall with a nail so that there was a hole right through Gabriel’s forehead.  When I found this photo among my great aunt’s things, we did not know who it was, but she had married Lon Forkner, who was a grandson of Gabriel.  This would explain why she had the photo (which was a copy of the original).  A Forkner researcher later told me the story, and we put two and two together.  My great grandmother, Sarah Evelyn Forkner, was the daughter of Gabriel.    The name Forkner was most likely originally Faulkner, and the family came from England and settled in North Carolina, with the younger sons moving south and west, eventually coming to Missouri in about 1840.

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