Posted by: marthabernie | December 24, 2014

SHANK SIBLINGS 1934 – Phillipsburg, Missouri

Shank kids, Phillipsburg, MissouriThis photo was taken in the Shank family farmyard, near Phillipsburg, Missouri, 1934.  My grandfather, Eli Shank, married Inez McMenus in 1899 and they had 12 children.  Unfortunately, three died shortly after birth, and a fourth died after just a few weeks of life.  Inez then passed away a few weeks later in December, 1921.  My grandfather was left with eight children to manage, and he soon married a widow, Carrie Massey.  She had three children already, and the second marriage produced three more, whom we see above.  That’s Walter on the left, Jean in the middle and Warren on the right.  Walter died in a car accident after he came home from WWII having served in the Navy.  Jean lives in Bakersfield and Warren is still in Phillipsburg.


  1. Your photos are a window into an old time lifestyle. No one can afford that many children these days. Back then, the kids worked. Merry Christmas.


    • They needed the kids to work on the farm, but once they grew up, there was no land for them all to continue working. My parents’ generation all came to California in the 30’s where there was work.

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      • It was a hard life too but the people in your pictures always look happy!


      • TO have suffered through so much death and loss, I have always been amazed at how well my mother’s family turned out. Unlike today with modern medicine and antibiotics, they accepted death as a part of life. I have a journal from this little town written between 1898 and 1914 and in the winter whole families would be wiped out from flu that turned into pneumonia, and lots of mothers and babies died in childbirth.

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      • Having children was dangerous and they had so many. They also lost so many.


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