Posted by: marthabernie | January 20, 2015

MARLIN COUSINS – Ray Marlin & Warren Newman

001cThis is another snapshot of my father from the early 1930’s before he married my mother, Anna Shank Marlin.  He is standing with his cousin, Warren Newman.  The photo was most likely taken on the Newman farm in Webster County.  I would have to go look at the family history to be sure, but I think it was my father’s Marlin great aunt who married a Newman rather than one of his father’s sisters.  This made the Newmans cousins.  Warren married a lady named Eva, and I remember going to their farm in 1955 and having fried chicken for dinner.  We were invited to lots of places that summer for lots of dinners, and I remember my oldest brother, Larry, who did not like chicken, complaining that every dinner consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob.  He liked everything but the fried chicken.  Of course, he was polite and didn’t complain until we had left whoever we were visiting.

Warren’s brother, Glen, was also a contemporary of my father’s, and he married June Ferrier.  I met June in 1997, when my niece and I visited her in Conway.  Her husband, Glen, had been dead for many years at that point, but she said he always carried a small photo of my father in his wallet to the day he died.

NOTE on older brother Larry and his dislike of chicken.  He also didn’t care for turkey, so every holiday dinner my mother prepared had to have ham or roast beef in addition to the turkey.  She spoiled all of us that way.  He only liked cherry pie, so she always made one of those for him.


  1. Amazing. 😄


  2. And that is why we NEVER had chicken when we were growing up….Dad didn’t like it!


    • Exactly! He didn’t like turkey either. You ate a lot of beef, LOL!


      • Yeah, ground beef!


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