Posted by: marthabernie | January 23, 2015


001dYet another snapshot of my father, Ray Marlin, in the early 1930’s, before he married my mother.  Here he is on the right, sitting on the fender of a car with his cousin.  The cousin is either Glen or Warren Newman.  The Newman brothers, Warren and Glen,  looked very much alike and my mother was never able to tell me which of the two is on the left of this photo.

It’s interesting the way the car features in the photo.  It appeared to be a popular pose at the time as I have dozens and dozens of snapshots of various family members standing in front of or sitting on a car as in this photo.  Don’t know what kind of car it is, but note that hood ornament and also the crank under the license plate.  Also, looks like my father was smoking a pipe.  See inset below.  He smoked from an early age but gave up the cigarettes in 1943 because my older brother, Richard, one year old at the time, was always trying to eat the cigarette butts!  My father did smoke a pipe late in his life.


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