Posted by: marthabernie | January 25, 2015

WALTER E. MARLIN FAMILY circa 1924 – Conway, Missouri

005If nothing else, this photo is easy to identify in terms of time frame because of the hats and shorter skirt length.  This is my father and grandparents after they returned to Conway, Missouri from Illinois.  They farmed near Conway in Laclede County and my father went to the Pack School in Conway.  From left, Ray J. Marlin, his mother, Dulcie Ferrier Marlin, and his father, Walter E. Marlin.


  1. Mary Jane Marlin 1840-1916, daughter of Spencer Marlin & Susan Patterson, married my 2nd cousin twice removed, WIlliam J. Haymes.
    I know that Archibald Marlin 1757-1825, married Martha T. Ferrier, 1756-1825. I’d like to put you and yours in my database. Can you help with the connection? I’m happy to share any Haymes information you might be interested in.


    • Spencer Marlin married at least three times. Susan Patterson, then his cousin Emily Marlin, and then a widow, Rebecca Bruton. He and Rebecca had twin sons, Jesse Hollis and James Jones Marlin. James Jones is my great grandfather, his son Walter Elbert my grandfather. No one that I know of has been able to document further back than Archibald and Martha Ferrier, though I believe Archibald’s father was also Archibald, who moved from PA with Ferriers, fighting Indians along the way before settling in NC and TN. If you go back to Lancaster County PA in the 1700’s, there are Marlins and Ferriers there, also marrying, which they seemed to do about ever second generation. Let me know if you want more information. The first Marlin to his the US was about 1651 landing in VA, sailing from Derry in Northern Ireland. They probably ended up in Northern Ireland after migrating from France to England/Scotland.


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