Posted by: marthabernie | January 26, 2015

I Bought Paul Flynn’s Family Food Cookbook…Great For Beginner & All Ingredients on Sale in Lidl – UPDATED

I somehow managed to post this link before I intended it to appear, so I am now adding a few words.  LIDL is a chain of stores in Ireland which have appeared just in the last three years or so.  It is a German company, and like their (also German) competitors, ALDI stores, they provide no frills groceries etc at discount prices.   If you are looking for Bewley’s tea bags, for example, you MIGHT find them but most likely you’ll find the LIDL or ALDI brand.  If you are looking for Cadbury Snack bars, you won’t find them at LIDL, but you will find their brand of the very same (or very similar) thing.  Sort of like buying the Kroger brand of something when you go to your Ralphs Grocery Store.  The LIDL meats and cheeses (and most produce) claim to be Irish in origin, and when I went to the annual agriculture show in Ireland in September 2013 (they call it the tractor pulling show), both ALDI and LIDL had extensive information and displays.  I love going into LIDL and ALDI stores because you can get certain things like tomato paste, spices, tea and coffee, very, very cheap!  They also usually have several bins of sundries on sale for the week and often you find cookbooks among these items.

On Paul Flynn, he is the famous chef/owner of The Tannery Restaurant in Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland.  He has previously published a number of cookbooks and is well known throughout Ireland and Europe.  I don’t have this particular volume, and though I have been in Dungarvan several times in the last few years, it has always been during the middle of the day, and they do not open for lunch.

I Bought Paul Flynn’s Family Food Cookbook…Great For Beginner & All Ingredients on Sale in Lidl.

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