Posted by: marthabernie | January 27, 2015

LACLEDE COUNTY, Missouri – Unknown School Group crica 1910

020This is a photo that was given to me by my second cousin, Stormye Harrill Barnett.  She had several photos which showed people she could not identify.  In some of them, we subsequently determined that McMenus cousins were in school groups.  This one, however, has always been a big question mark as there is no identifying information and we do not recognize any of the kids or adults.  The only child who looks remotely familiar is the little girl on the left end, front row, with the pig tails.  She actually looks like one of my Marlin ancestors, but I doubt this was Pack School or a school in Webster County.  If it were the Pack School, there would be other Marlin and Ferrier children that I would recognize.  Anyway,  I assume that the photo was taken about 1905-1910 from the dress and also that it was in Laclede County, Missouri (in and around Phillipsburg) where they all lived.  That’s as much as I know.  If anyone recognizes anyone, please let me know.


  1. Are these farm or town kids?


    • Farm kids.


      • Look how they were expected to dress up even though they were farm kids.


      • They may have worn their Sunday best if they knew the photo was going to be taken on a certain day at school. My mother grew up wearing her older sister’s hand me downs for school and having only one “good” (or fancier) dress which she wore to church, also usually a hand me down. She hated the color blue as an adult and never wore it because it was what her sisters handed down to her, year after year. When one of the older female family members died, their dresses were also recycled among the younger women. Getting new fabric for a new dress was a great treat unless you were the oldest and had nothing passed down that would fit. Of course, the women would sit up all night making a new black dress to bury the dead woman in. And they would make it quite elaborate with ruffles and such. I have fabric and a snip of hair from my great grandmother who died in 1908.

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      • That is very cool information to have–and the fabric and hair is a bonus! I remember when kids wanted to wear jeans to school in 1968 and the schools had rules against jeans because they had made those rules decades before to keep farm kids from wearing jeans to school.


      • When you see the boys in jackets instead of overalls, you know they are dressed up!

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      • Yes and even little suits!


  2. the teacher here could possibly be one of my great great uncles… i’ll send you a photo of them if you’re interested… i have a lot of relatives who were in conway/phillipsburg and surrounding areas for many generations going back to 1830s or 40s. I can’t believe how many awesome photos you have. I’ve tried in vain to find ancestors and relatives in the group shots – but no luck so far. Maybe this one!


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