Posted by: marthabernie | January 28, 2015


003x1This is my second cousin, Blake McMenus, taken when he was on the basketball team at Phillipsburg High School, Phillipsburg, Missouri.  I have estimated the year as 1942-43 since he was born in 1927.  His full name was Laurel Lee McMenus but he always went by Blake.  He was the son of Leo McMenus and Faydra Caffey McMenus.  We did not meet until 1997 after corresponding about family history for a couple of years.  However, it was like we had known each other all our lives.  He was the grandson of WG McMenus (one of the older siblings) and I am the grand daughter of Inez McMenus Shank (the youngest surviving child), and there was a generation between us in age, but it was wonderful to learn about Phillipsburg from someone who grew up there.  Aside from being second cousins on the McMenus side of the family, we were also doubly related, being third cousins on the Massie side of the family.  Blake’s great grandmother, Charlotte Jane Massie Brasier Pierce, was the sister of my great grandmother, Lydia Margaret Massie Shank..

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