Posted by: marthabernie | January 29, 2015

Ireland’s Eye Top 10 Irish Recipes

If you have any interest in Irish cooking or baking, have a look at this link.  Many of these recipes are traditional, and honestly, you won’t find them on contemporary Dublin menus all that often (if at all).  But have a look anyway:

Ireland’s Eye Top 10 Irish Recipes.


  1. Not sure where this list came from, but many of the dishes are totally unheard of in Ireland. Corned beef and cabbage???? NOT in Ireland! Seems to me that people add the keyword ‘Ireland’ to get more hits!


    • They were published in IRELAND’s EYE magazine, which has been published in Mullingar for years, decades even.


      • Oh I am familiar with Ireland’s eye. A well established magazine. I wonder who compiled the list!


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