Posted by: marthabernie | January 31, 2015

STONEY POINT SCHOOL – about 1905-1910

022This is another photo that was given to me by my second cousin, Stormye Harrill Barnett.  The photo was labeled Stoney Point School, and as near as I can tell, a McMenus cousin, Charlie McMenus, is in the third row from front, standing in front of the girl with the plaid dress (in back row), and boy next to him has a hand on his shoulder.  See inset below.  This photo was probably sent to his aunt and uncle, John and Mag McMenus, by his parents, Elmer and Emma McMenus.  No other information about this photo.  No one else I recognize, either.



  1. I’ve been following you for months and must say you have the best collection of famili memorabilia.


    • Yes, I was lucky to get as much stuff as I have. My mother inherited personal belongings of the aunt she was named after, and it grew from there. Fortunately, no one threw anything away! My goal is to preserve as much of it as I can through the blog.


      • I know what you mean. It’s my reason for blogging as well.


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