Posted by: marthabernie | February 1, 2015

PHILLIPSBURG HOTEL, Phillipsburg, Missouri about 1920

002This photo was taken about 1920 and shows the two story Phillipsburg Hotel in Phillipsburg, Laclede County, Missouri.  When Phillipsburg was a stop on the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway, it boasted a population of 500 to 600 people.  I am not exactly sure when the railway eliminated the Phillipsburg stop, but I think it was probably in the 40’s or early 50’s.  The town shrank from that point and the population in 1997 was 170.  It has increased to a little more than 200 today.


  1. My great-grandmother also ran this hotel…Mary Jane Stanton. She had a player piano in the lobby, my Dad used to talk about that, he lived with her there for a time and was with her when she fell down it’s stairs in 1937 and broke her hip. Thank you for posting this photo!


    • Thanks for writing. I probably have some others that I will eventually get around to posting.


    • There is also a photo of the interior of the lobby posted on 8-26-13.


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