Posted by: marthabernie | February 11, 2015

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS – Circa 1900, Conway, Missouri

002aThis photo is one that came from my great aunt, Matilda Anna Laura McMenus Forkner Tweddell.  She lived with her first husband and family in Conway, Laclede County, Missouri until l906 when they moved to Stevensville, Montana.  We figure this photo was probably taken about 1900 and we think it was Aunt Annie’s kids’ Sunday School class and teacher.  The photo was taken by Watson in Conway, Missouri, and that’s Aunt Annie’s son, Oscar, seated front left in the shirt with the big collar.  Her daughters, Ednah and Ethyl, are standing on the right, middle row, in the dark, matching dresses.  The little girl seated on the right in the white dress looks a lot like their cousin, Leila McMenus.  Note that most of the girls are holding fans.  And look at the collar and ruffles on the teacher’s dress!


  1. What an amazing photo! I love the patterns in the cloth, etc.


    • Yes. the patterns were what my mother would have called “loud” because they were so bright and vivid.

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