Posted by: marthabernie | February 13, 2015

Aunt Annie and Uncle Walter – The Tweddells

005I’ve written quite a lot about my great aunt, Matilda Anna Laura McMenus Falkner Tweddell.  She was the packrat of the family, and it was she who saved all the family letters, photographs and just about everything else she got her hands on.  She married Lon Forkner in 1886 and in 1906 the family moved to Montana and changed the family surname to Faulkner, which was probably the family name which had originated in England.  In 1918, Aunt Annie divorced her husband and worked at many jobs before she joined a correspondence club in 1923.  She was definitely looking for a husband, and I have the list of names and addresses she used as she wrote letters, received replies and then crossed the name off and moved on to the next gentleman on the list.  She wrote a letter to Walter Tweddell of Los Angeles, California in August, 1923, and they started a correspondence which became very serious, very fast.  Walter was a recent widower and he was looking for a wife.  By this time Aunt Annie was living in San Francisco, and they wrote daily, the letters becoming more and more affectionate after a few weeks.

The end result was that Uncle Walter proposed by letter, took the train to San Francisco on November 12, 1923, where he met Aunt Annie for the first time, and they were married two days later.  They then returned to Los Angeles, where they lived in the area that is now on the edge of Highland Park in a lovely craftsman bungalow on Avenue 63.   They were married for more than 20 years before Uncle Walter died, and everyone who encountered them said they were like “lovebirds.”  Uncle Walter worked in downtown L.A. for Southern Pacific and he was able to retire for several years before he died.  Uncle Walter’s family came from the Philadelphia area, and I have a photo which shows the entire family (parents and siblings) before he married his first wife.  Since he had no children with either of his wives, I have looked high and low for descendants, but have been unable to find someone related to give the photo to.

The photo above is Aunt Annie and Uncle Walter’s wedding photo, taken November 14, 1923 in San Francisco, California.


  1. How wonderful that you have old photos. I don’t have any of my grandparents and only a few of my parents.


    • Yes, we were very fortunate to have gotten so many, and over the years, other older relatives have given me additional ones. Rather than leave them in a box and not know what will eventually happen to them, I decided to memorialize as many as possible through this blog!


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