Posted by: marthabernie | February 16, 2015


002aI came across an envelope of tintypes this morning, this is one of them.  Time is not doing them any good, and while I protect them from light, they are getting darker as time passes.  All of these tintypes came out of trunks belonging to my great aunt, Anna L. McMenus Faulkner Tweddell.  My mother and I therefore assumed that they were members of Aunt Annie’s or Aunt Annie’s husband’s family, the Forkners/Faulkners.  This is doubly interesting to me since I am related to the Forkner’s on my father’s side of the family.  Aunt Annie’s children were my father’s second cousins as it turned out, and my mother’s first cousins.

But I digress…I believe the man above is most likely my great great grandfather, John Wesley Smith.  His family settled in NC and his great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War.  They ended up in Greene County, Missouri and then John moved his family to Phillipsburg in Laclede County.  He was a merchant, a land owner, a teacher and a county judge.  He was also a founding member of the  Cumberland Presbyterian Church around 1870 in Phillipsburg. His daughter, my great grandmother, Rebecca Frances Smith,  married Joseph McMenus, and they were Aunt Annie’s parents, so this man, if John Wesley Smith, would have been Aunt Annie’s grandfather.

I think the tintype is John Wesley Smith because he bears a striking resemblance to photos I have of his two sons.  Also a photo of his daughter when she was young.  The period dress would also make him about the right age.  But again, I am only making assumptions.  I think he’s a very nice looking man!

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