Posted by: marthabernie | February 17, 2015


002eThis photo was taken on the front porch of the Frisco Line Railway Depot in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  The little boy on the right is Leslie McMenus, son of William G. and Minnie Brasier McMenus.  Don’t know who the little girl is in the photo.  Leslie’s sailor cap has “U.S. NAVY” written across the front.


  1. I have found you pictures of the McMenus family from Phillipsburg very interesting. Espacially the one of the Twin Oaks station. I have been trying to do some research on this because I recently purchased the property across the road and was intriegued with these two properties. Mine, which used to be a road side park and the Twin Oaks Court. I would love any information you may have incuding records and pictures.
    Thank You,


    • I moved recently and have not been posting as many new photos as usual but will be back on track soon, I hope. I know there are more but I have to find them. You might try the Lebanon Daily Record newspaper archives (or Kirk Pearce if he is still working). They put out a book years ago that had some photos along with mine. Mrs. Sade Bilderback McMenus bought the Twin Oaks property after she gave up the store in Phillipsburg, sometime in the late 20’s or early 30’s. She eventually ended up in California but I am not sure when she left Twin Oaks. I will look for more photos so keep checking out the blog periodically as there are more photos and maybe even more information. Have you done a search on Phillipsburg and Twin Oaks on my blog specifically? Twin Oaks may be mentioned in text as well as sphotos.


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