Posted by: marthabernie | February 20, 2015


002aThis is a snapshot of my aunt, my mother’s older sister, Mabel Ada Shank Carlisle.  She was born in Phillipsburg, MO to Eli and Inez Shank and married when she was young.  She had a baby daughter that did not survive birth and then she divorced and moved to California.  If you search the archives, there is a photo of her with an oil can, working on one of the oil rigs in Taft, California during WWII.  It was in Taft that she met and married Percy Carlisle.  They lived for several years in Cambria, California, and eventually moved to Sun City, Arizona.  Mabel loved antiques and was fortunate to be able to have the money to persue this hobby.  She had many lovely things in her house.  We visited two or three times when they lived in Arizona, and she was always very welcoming.  Mabel and Percy did not have any children, but over the years, she had cats and this jack Russell terrier.  She was a tiny woman, barely 5 feet tall and I have always loved this photo of her where she is looking down lovingly at the little dog.  She died when I was in my early 20’s and I have always regretted not getting to know her better.

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