Posted by: marthabernie | February 23, 2015

Another Irish Sheep – Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland

003I took this photo in October, 2000 on a beautiful clear day (some of the time) when we drove from Westport over to Achill Island.  The island is steeped in history and there are many ruins of cottages, churches and graveyards along with the more modern buildings of current inhabitants.  It is said that the 16th Century lady pirate, Grace O’Malley, had a hideout on Achill Island.  Achill is a summer resort but is rather desolate after all the holiday campers and sun bathers go home.  On the back side of the island, we encountered many sheep, most of them standing or sitting on the road.  They roam freely, and each sheep farmer has to mark his sheep with his own color dye so they can be separated by owner after they wander all over the landscape.   I leaned out the car window to take this photo.


  1. wonderful photo – do you know what breed of sheep it is? It’s marks are so interesting.


    • I don’t know what the breed is called, but they are all over Ireland. If you google breeds of sheep in Ireland, you’ll probably be able to figure it out.


  2. Blackface Mountain Sheep 😉


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