Posted by: marthabernie | February 25, 2015


001ddThis is a tintype which is also unidentified but the young man here bears a striking resemblance to my mother’s uncles.  I think it’s quite possible that it’s either Willie or Press or a closely related cousin, when they were young, but again, we have no way to tell.


  1. I’ve got what I think is a tintype. How do you know for sure?


    • The photo is printed on a thin sheet of tin, not paper or any kind.

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      • I read something somewhere that got me confused because it sounded like there are other photographs that look like they are on tin but are not tintypes. They have other names. It got so complicated that I didn’t know what to call my photo!


      • I think that deguerretypes might have been printed on tin, but they were very, very early.

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      • Yes, I would think so. But apparently there were other methods used into the 20th century, which I didn’t realize.


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