Posted by: marthabernie | February 27, 2015


001aIt’s too bad that we don’t generally develop an interest in family history until all the elderly relatives are gone.  I was only four years old when my Great Aunt Annie died, my mother was 38.  If she had only asked more questions about the ancestors, I am sure Aunt Annie would have been a fountain of knowledge.  Aunt Annie’s daughter, Ednah Lewis, died in 1968, and even at that point, neither I nor my mother had much of an interest in learning more about the family roots.  A lot of information was lost when Aunt Annie and her daughter died.  What my mother eventually pieced together came from letters and other information she found down in trunks and in drawers.

This is another “unknown” tintype that came out of Aunt Annie’s trunks.  I have estimated the date from the dress the girl is wearing.  Also, I assume it is someone on the Smith/McMenus side of the family as the girl’s round face and nose are so similar to those of my mother and a couple of her sisters.  She might even be a Selvidge or Tucker cousin.  However, unless someone recognizes this woman, we will never know…only that Aunt Annie kept her tintpe image with those of other family members.

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