Posted by: marthabernie | February 28, 2015


This is a recipe that was given to me about 40 years ago without any measurements, so all I can do is tell you how I make it!  It is really a “comfort food” recipe and easy to make since the oven does all the work, no messy frying!

Wash 5 or 6 chicken parts thoroughly (skin on). I usually use 2 half breasts and the rest legs and thighs.  Sprinkle liberally with salt, black and white pepper, garlic powder and a little paprika (though some people I know use a lot of paprika!).  Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes.

Heat oven to 400 degrees F and then melt half a stick of butter in a glass baking dish large enough to hold the chicken pieces.  Roll the chicken pieces in Bisquick, both sides, and then place on butter in the pan, skin side up.  You can put a little more Bisquick on top of the pieces at this point, if you like.  Bake about one hour until tender and browned on top.  If the breasts are much larger than the other parts, watch the small pieces carefully so they don’t over bake.  Baste once or twice with the butter and drippings in the pan and DO NOT TURN THE CHICKEN!  Once done, I usually turn the oven up to broil and leave th pan in the oven for about 20 seconds just to be sure all the pieces are browned on top.

Remove the chicken from the pan and you will have lots of crispy pieces to make pan gravy, if you like.  I always skim off as much of the butter and fat as possible before adding to the gravy.  Gravy can be served over accompanying mashed potatoes.



  1. Excellent post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.


  2. Sounds easy and delicious!


    • It is easy…and the best parts are the little bits in the bottom of the pan after baking which I always use to make milk gravy.


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