Posted by: marthabernie | February 28, 2015

Cousin Ednah Barbara Forkner Lewis Smith Schick Lewis – Early to Mid – 1920’s

001cThis photo was taken in the early to mid – 1920’s, but I do not know where.  There is a series of snapshots taken on an outing where they were outdoors amongst a lot of rocks and rubble (see photo above).  This is my mother’s first cousin, Ednah Lewis.  Ednah married in Stevensville, Montana in 1908.  She married Frank Lewis.  They had one child, Ruthanna Lewis.  They divorced after a few years, and Ednah married at least twice more, first a Mr. Smith, and then a Mr. Schick.  I have the divorce papers from three marriages.  She remained unmarried for more than 40 years after divorcing Mr. Schick, supporting herself as a hairdresser and owning her own salon when she moved to Los Angeles in the 1940’s to be with her mother.  Ednah was a small woman and was always very stylish in her dress.  Aside from being my mother’s first cousin on the McMenus side of the family, Ednah and her siblings were also second or third cousins of my father’s mother on the Forkner side of the family.  So I am double related to Ednah, who passed away in 1968.


  1. She is so formally dressed for the background. Very pretty shoes.


    • It must have been a Sunday excursion or something because they always got very dressed up when they went out for outings.

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