Posted by: marthabernie | March 12, 2015

Another McMenus Cousin – Lelia McMenus

001Yesterday I posted photos of Vivian, Elmer and Lelia McMenus.  This photo is of Lelia McMenus as a child.   It was probably taken about 1885.  They lived in Phillipsburg, Missouri before moving to Montana, then Colorado and eventually California.  They and their brother, Charlie, were the children of Elmer and Emma Forkner McMenus.  Elmer was the older brother of my grandmother and my great aunt, Anna L. Faulkner Tweddell.  In fact, Elmer was Annie’s brother and his wife, Emma, was Annie’s first husband Lon’s sister.  Not unusual for the time and area.  Three of my grandmother’s McMenus aunts (three sisters) married three Harris brothers.  My great grandmother, Rebecca Francis Smith, married Joseph McMenus, and her sister Sarah married another McMenus brother, William.  I’m glad I wrote all this down about fifteen years ago because the older I get, the less I remember!

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