Posted by: marthabernie | March 21, 2015

Mr.a nd Mrs. Lon Forkner – 1894

014My great aunt, Matilda Anna Laura McMenus Forkner (Annie), married her husband, Leonidas Olander Forkner (Lon) in 1886 when she was 18 and he was 23.  Here is a photo taken in December, 1894, when she was 26 and he was 31.  They had already had four children by this time, and the youngest child was 4 years old.  They owned a small farm in Conway, Laclede County, Missouri, where they lived until 1906 when they moved the family to Montana.  The youngest child, Raymond Irl, had died in 1901, and they had no other children, though they took in a foster child, Halsey Hansen, after little Ray died.  The foster child stayed in Missouri when the Forkners moved to Montana, and it was at this time that they changed their name to Faulkner, which is probably what it was originally when the first ancestor came from England more than a hundred years earlier.


  1. Very interesting! My grandad is Faulkner from Northern Ireland. When I started reading the post I thought mmmm that sounds similar to Faulkner! There are al lot of Faulkners in Cookstown area when my family are from. I will go look out some info. I’ll go hunt out some info as I know alot of my great grandparents emmigrated to America in particular Chicago in the 1800’s ish. I have a list somewhere. They are mainly Hutchinsons and Faulkners from Northern Ireland Co Tyrone. Cx


    • Oh also the Faulkners and Hutchinsons emmigrated from England to Ireland in the 1700/1800’s as far as I know. x


      • The stories say that this line of Faulkners came from England, but it would not surprise me to learn they had been transplanted to Northern Ireland before coming to the U.S. They ended up in North Carolina for three or four generations before Micajah Faulkner/Forkner left NC and homesteaded in Missouri in 1840. By the time he got to Missouri, the name had already evolved to Forkner. The original emigrating Faulkner was married to the daughter of Sr. Edward Filmer of England.


      • Fascinating isn’t it. I’ve emailed my family to see if they know anything. My Faulkners were given Irish Catholic land and moved from England to Ireland. If I find out anything else I will let you know.

        Also I love the mincemeat idea for flapjacks! I do the same thing but with a shortbread mix and it is delicious.



    • Take a look at my December 9, 2012 post for a photo of Micajah Forkner’s son and some further information.


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