Posted by: marthabernie | March 22, 2015

Rebecca Frances Smith McMenus and Daughters – 1895

013aThis photo was taken about 1895 when my grandmother, Inez McMenus, was 14 years old, she is standing on the left.  That is her mother, Rebecca Frances Smith McMenus, seated in the middle, and older daughter, Anna L. Forkner, standing right.  Annie was 26 when this photo was taken, her mother about 51.  Annie was named after her father’s three youngest sisters, Hannah, Matilda and Laura McMenus, who all married Harris brothers.  But that’s another story for another day.  Annie’s given name was Matilda Anna Laura, but she always went by Anna L. or Annie.  When Inez came along 14 years later, they did not give her a middle name, she was simply Inez McMenus, and if she was named for someone, I do not know who.


  1. Wow, Anna’s face has resemblance to Marguerite Shank…


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