Posted by: marthabernie | March 26, 2015

Phillipsburg, Missouri Circa 1910 – From the Frisco Line Section House

scan0003Here is another photo of Phillipsburg, Missouri, circa 1910, sent to me by my cousin.  It actually shows more of the little town’s main street as it is further south than the other view posted earlier this week.  I think the platform the men were standing on in the earlier post is probably that tall pole with top like an arrow next to the railroad tracks.  The 2 story building furthest left is (I think) the hotel after a remodel to the front.  The Odd Fellows Building is the two story brick building in the center of the image (no chimney).  This says it was a north view from the railway’s section house.  There are men standing on the sidewalk to the upper left.  Take a close look!

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