Posted by: marthabernie | March 28, 2015

The Newmans and Their Cars – 1950’s

004I am not an expert on cars, so I can’t date the photo from the cars in the background, but I do know it was in the early 50’s because of the inscription on the reverse side of the photo.  The woman on the left is Victoria Ferrier Newman and her husband, Ollie Newman.  Vic was my grandmother’s older sister on the Ferrier side of the family, and she and husband Ollie lived in Conway, Missouri, at least during the later years of their marriage.  I believe he may have been a blacksmith when younger, but in later years he ran the ice house in Conway.  They had a big two story house (or it seemed big to me when I was a child) on the opposite side of the train tracks from the town, and I remember visiting there and hearing the trains that would go by.  Also being cautioned about crossing the train tracks when walking down to Ollie’s ice house.

Vic and Ollie never had any children, but they had cars.  In fact, they bought a new car fairly frequently, and they were very proud of them.  Out of the numerous photos I have of the two of them, many are in front of their various cars over the years.  This appears to have been a common practice though…I think people were proud that they had a car and I have lots and lots of snapshots of various relatives in Missouri, all standing in front of their car!

The photo below is an earlier photo with a different car, obviously taken in fall or winter.  The family always said that Vic drove like a maniac–fast and furious.  Sadly, Uncle Ollie died when she accidentally ran over him while backing out of their garage!



  1. It is fascinating to go through old family photos, isn’t it.


    • Yes, especially when you can figure out who is in the photo!


  2. You sure it was an accident?


    • Yes, I think it was, though you are not the first one to speculate in that regard! They were a tempestuous couple, and there was more than one similar comment at the time that I remember.


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