Posted by: marthabernie | March 29, 2015

MORE CARS – 1940 Super 8 Deluxe Sport Sedan by Chevrolet

005I mentioned yesterday that lots of my relatives took snapshots in front of the family’s new car.  Here is my grandmother, Dulcena (Dulcie) Ferrier Marlin, standing in front of my parents’ new 1940 Chevrolet Super 8 Deluxe Sport Sedan.  My grandparents lived in a little house on York Blvd in Hawthorne, California.  They came to California after my parents landed here in 1937, giving up their farm and farm work in Missouri.  I have early memories of the house on York, but after my grandfather died of an aortic aneurysm in 1953, my grandmother sold the house and moved to another little house on Grevillea Avenue in Inglewood.

But back to the car…the 1940 Chevy is the first car I remember.  In 1954 my parents bought a Pontiac, and the Chevy went to my older brother, Larry.  When he bought a 1957 Chevy a few years later, the 1940 Chevy went to my brother, Richard.  He drove it until someone ran a stop sign and smashed into him in 1959.  The car was totaled at that time.  It had been in the family 19 years!


  1. Now that I think about it, many of my old family photos feature people standing next to the car. Wonder why that is.


    • In many cases, I think people were proud to show off the newly acquired car!


      • Another indicator of change over time. We so often take our personal transportation for granted rather than being something special. 🙂 I know I do.


      • I think a lot of it had to do with most of these people living in rather basic farming lifestyles and living through the Depression as well. My mother died at the age of 84 in 1999 but she never got over living through the Depression. I can still hear her saying, “Waste not, want not.”


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