Posted by: marthabernie | March 31, 2015

International Order of Odd Fellows Hall – Phillipsburg, Missouri About 1908

scan0007Here is another view of the I.O.O.F. Hall in Phillipsburg.  It looks like the building was new and still unoccupied on the ground floor, but the tree at the side of the building is large and full.  In another image where the building looks to be unoccupied, the tree has been stripped down to a pole.  “Phillipsburg I.O.O.F. Building” is written across the bottom of the image.  My great uncle (Uncle Willie) William Grant McMenus ran his general store in the building for many, many years.    The building is still standing and I have photos of it taken as late as 1997, which I will post when I come across them.


  1. I love this, wish I could get a copy, spent time in th7s building when Francis and Helen Massey ran the store, I the 1960’s.


    • The photo is at fairly high resolution, so feel free to try to copy and save it from the blog, then print if you like. I got it from a McMenus cousin whose grandmother lived her whole life in Phillipsburg.


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