Posted by: marthabernie | April 2, 2015

California – 1930’s – HP Shank and sister, Mabel Ada Shank Rich

001eThis is a snapshot taken in California sometime in the late 1930’s.  The man in the rear with his hands on the shoulders of the other men is my uncle, Harvey Preston (Press) Shank.  Standing in the window on the left is his sister (my aunt) Mabel Ada Shank Rich.  I assume one of the men on the steps is her husband, Lester Rich, and I think it’s the one on the left.  Press was married three times, first to Flossie Chambers, but I do not think that’s her on the right of the door.  That woman may be the wife or girlfriend of the man seated on the right, and again, I have no idea who he is.  Mabel eventually divorced Lester Rich and a few years later married Percy Carlisle after they met working in the oil fields in Taft, California.  Press divorced Flossie Chambers and married another woman I never met.  I believe her name was Violet, and it’s possible that that is her in the photo, but I think she came later.  They had one son, William (Bill), who died relatively young.  Press went on to divorce Violet and married Aunt Audrey, who had a small daughter, Patricia.  Press went on to manage the oil fields of Getty Oil in Bakersfield until his retirement.  Mabel and Percy lived in Cambria, California for many years, and then moved to Sun City, Arizona where they lived until her death in the early 1970’s.  More relatives who made their way to California in the 1930’s!


  1. I agree that is Lester Rich on the left. He is my great uncle. Thanks for posting.


    • Thanks, Charlene. I was hoping you would find the blog and have some information. I have some other photos you may be able to help me with…


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