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scan0001aThis photo was sent to me by one of my McMenus cousins.  His grandmother, Reba McMenus Harrill, lived in Phillipsburg all her life, her husband was the local barber.  I have never seen this image before, and it’s interesting that the little girl on the left seems to have her finger in her mouth.  That’s a wagon and horse in the background up against the mill building.  See inset below for more detail.  Thanks, Kyle, for sending this image (and others that have appeared here recently).  The mill was built in 1893, and if memory serves, it was built by Roy Senn and was referred to as Senn’s Mill.



  1. Oh, I love this photo!:)


    • This photo shows Silver Lake Mill which was built in Phillipsburg Missouri by my great grandfather Christian Senn. The large house shown on the other side of the mill pond was the Senn home where my grandmother Iva Caroline Senn grew up. The Senns operated a hotel and rented rooms to railroad travelers. The Senn home was just across from the Phillipsburg Depot.
      Ground corn and flour from Silver Lake Mill was shipped East by rail.
      Iva Caroline Senn married Elbert Turner. Their son, my dad WoodsonTurner and other kids skated on the mill pond in winter.
      Chris Senn turned the mill over to his sons Roy and Evert. They sold the mill to Volley Breeh who continued to operate it until the 1950’s.
      As a child I went to the mill with my dad I’m the late 40’s to early 50’s.
      When Chris Senn left the milling business. He organized a state bank in Phillipsburg with his son in law my grandfather Elbert Turner. Later, Roy Senn joined them in the banking business.


      • Typo. The mill was sold to Volley Breech.


      • Thanks for all the information.


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