Posted by: marthabernie | April 5, 2015

Unknown Store – Probably Missouri About 1910

scan0008Thanks to my cousin, Kyle Richardson, for this image.  Unfortunately, we don’t know who it is or where it is.  It belonged to his grandmother, Reba McMenus Harrill, who lived in Phillipsburg, Missouri all her life.  I am going to go through the Anderson McFall Journals to see if there is a reference to Yarbrough, but that will take some time.  Don’t recognize any of the men in the photo either, so for the time being, this photo is a great mystery!


  1. Arkansas City, Kansas (known locally as Ark City) still exists, so that may well be where the store was located, just a few hours away from Missouri.


    • Thanks for the information. You could be right but I wonder what the connection was to the folks in Phillipsburg, MO?


      • Googled Yarbrough feed & flour and came up with this tidbit:
        1921 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
        Seymour—Y. B. Yarbrough of Abilene is taking personal charge of the repair work at the flour mill, which will be put in condition as soon as possible. There is an Abilene in Kansas, of course, as well as the one in Texas. And…there is also a Phillipsburg Kansas with a mill. Good luck with your hunt! 🙂


      • They had a branch of the family that moved to Kansas, so it could be related to those people. Hard to know.


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