Posted by: marthabernie | April 6, 2015

Uncle Harvey Preston Shank

010bThis is a snapshot that came out of someone’s photo album.  It’s a small photo, and I would guess that it was taken in the 1920’s.  The boy standing in the rear (I assume on the back of the tree stump) is my uncle, my mother’s oldest brother, Harvey Preston Shank.  The girl seated in front is unknown.  Her skirt is rather short for the time, even in the 20’s!  I am sure from the trees in the background that this was taken in or around Phillipsburg, Missouri, where they were born and raised.

Harvey Preston Shank was named after his grandfather, William Harvey Shank, and his mother’s older brother, Eli Preston McMenus.  Both uncle and nephew were known as “Press.”  Uncle Press married Flossie Chambers, but I do not think this is Flossie in the  photo.  They moved to California in the 1930’s before divorcing.  Press worked for many years in Bakersfield, California for Getty Oil, where he managed the oil leases there.  He and second wife, Audrey, and step daughter, Pat, lived in a wonderful old Victorian style home on the Getty property.  We visited many times, and I remember the olive trees in the front of the very large yard, the pomegranate trees to the right of the house, and the lovely screened in veranda that ran about both the first and second stories.

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