Posted by: marthabernie | April 7, 2015


011bThis is the baby picture of my mother’s first cousin, Warren McMenus.  He was the first son of Eli Preston “Press” McMenus and his wife, Sade Bilderback McMenus, who married and lived in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Press was my grandmother’s older brother. They had one other child, a younger boy, William, who was always called Billy.  The wonderful thing about photos of Warren is that no matter what age he is, you always recognize him right away because he looked the same as a baby, as a child and as an adult.  Some people are just like that.  Don’t you love the lace edging on the bottom of the white dress?

Warren worked with his mother in her store in Phillipsburg after his father died in 1920, then at the Twin Oaks gas station and restaurant and eventually went into the business of providing concessions for fairs. He and wife, Flora Graves McMenus, and the two boys eventually moved to California, and in retirement, they brought his mother out to live with them.  I met Warren and Flora only once that I remember.  We were at the LA County Fair in the 1960’s and they had a very large concessions stand where they were selling food and sweets.  I remember that he gave me a candy apple.  In those days, we spent a lot of time with people who were “from Missouri” but my mother and father never really bothered to explain how we were related, and in many cases, we were not related at all.

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