Posted by: marthabernie | April 8, 2015

Ethyl, Bill and Ritzanna Rodgers with Sister Ednah Lewis – 1910

013My great aunt, Anna L . Faulkner Tweddell,  had two daughters, Ethyl and Ednah.  They married in Stevensville, Montana on the same evening in 1908, and Ethyl had two children, the first Ritzanna Rodgers pictured above as a baby, being held by her dad, Bill Rodgers.  This photo was taken in 1910, but I am sure not sure if the Rodgers had moved to Washington by this time or were still in Montana.  Sister Ednah married Frank Lewis, but their only child, Ruthanna, did not come along until a few years after this photo was taken–she was born in 1913, I think.  Ednah and Frank also lived in Montana for a few years after they married, before moving to Los Angeles.  It looks like a corral of some sort in the near background, but I have no idea what the building to the far rear would be.

It’s interesting to note that both grand daughters were in part named after grandmother Anna L. Faulkner.  RItzanna was always known as “Ritzie” and Ruthanna went on to be known as “Babe”.


  1. I love this old picture and story. Thanks


    • This whole family had quite an amazing story. I try to put a bit of it with each photo. Lots more to come.


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