Posted by: marthabernie | April 9, 2015

Ferrier First Cousins – and a Car!

010dHere is a photo of first cousins, Charles Ferrier and Reba Harvey.  Charles’ father was my grandmother’s brother, Lawrence Ferrier.  Reba’s mother, Nannie Lea Ferrier Harvey, was Lawrence’s (and my grandmother’s) sister.  No idea when this photo was taken, but I do know it was in Missouri.


  1. It is funny….the car thing.


  2. I love her dress, probably 1930s.


    • Yes, and it looks very home made with the rickrack trim etc.


  3. Dating photos is a challenge for me. If I know the subject well enough, I might come close to guessing his or her age. You have the clothes styling as a clue. Then, in this instance, you have the car as a clue. Maybe you could check the history of cars to narrow it down to the range of years they were manufactured with the rounded front fender and bubble headlights. Not an exact science; but you can come resl close.


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