Posted by: marthabernie | April 24, 2015

The Shanks – Phillipsburg, Missouri – Late 1930’s

001When my grandmother died in 1921 at the age of 40, my grandfather, Eli Shank, remarried a couple of years later.  The woman he married, Carrie Massey, was a widow with three children, Finis, Hayden and Burniece.  Eli had eight children left without a mother.  Eldest daughter, Laura, married a short time after Eli married Carrie, leaving only seven kids to join with Carrie’s family of three children.  Eli and Carrie went on to have three more kids, Walter, Warren and Jean.  The photo above shows Eli and Carrie with sons Walter and Warren on the Shank farm outside of Phillipsburg, Laclede County, Missouri.  This was taken some time in the late 1930’s.  Walter went on to join the Navy during World War II and after returning to Missouri, he was killed in a freak car accident while coming home to Phillipsburg from Lebanon.  He was a passenger in his step cousin’s car when a deer jumped across the road, striking the windshield with its foot.  This was back before tempered glass, and a shard of glass went into Walter’s neck and he bled to death there on the road.  Very sad.  He was only 21 when he died.


  1. What a terrible accident!


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