Posted by: marthabernie | April 28, 2015


scan0011aThis is an early image of Dalkey Island, Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland.  The postcard was mailed in 1910 from Balls Bridge in Dublin and is addressed to a Mrs. Cardew, c/o Sergeant Cardew, R.I.C., Coolrain, Queens County.  I assume RIC was Royal Irish Cavalry, but in 1910, this would have been an English regiment.  Also, Coolrain is in County Laois, and I did not know that it was previously known as Queens County.  I looked up Queens County on Wikipedia, and it does state that that is what County Loais was previously known as.  When Ireland became an independent republic in 1922, many names were changed…Queenstown became Cobh, Kingstown became Dun Loaghaire, Queens County became County Laois, and Kings County became County Offaly.  The spot where this photo was taken is now a small park and there are large trees which make the view more interesting, I think.


  1. Hi, R.I.C. would stand for Royal Irish Constabulary. So it was sent to the local police barracks. One could presume the sergeant was in charge of the barracks. See


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