Posted by: marthabernie | April 30, 2015

Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1918 – The McMenus Siblings

001aThis photo was taken in Phillipsburg, Missouri in 1918.  Brother Elmer McMenus was visiting from the west, and everyone gathered to take photos.  These are the McMenus siblings.  On the left end is my grandmother, Inez McMenus Shank, next to her in the cap is brother Press McMenus, then standing  on the right end, John McMenus.  Seated are Elmer McMenus, Jode McMenus and Willie McMenus.  Elmer was the eldest, Inez the youngest.  She was 37 or thereabouts when the photo was taken and already had seven children plus three that died, and one miscarriage. The youngest daughter, Geneva, was born later in 1918.   Elder sister, Annie McMenus orkner/Faulkner was not present, living in Washington at the time.  The photo was taken at the home of one of the siblings who lived in the town of Phillipsburg, Missouri.

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